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Peter's Blog: Bus Tour, Day Four

Health care is local.

That sentiment is reflected in each of the murals artists are creating as part of the “Covered in Art” bus tour. Each of the more than a dozen murals will be painted by a local artist. During today’s sojourn through Bakersfield, Visalia, Fresno and Modesto, we met two artists who are bringing the importance of health care to light through their creativity.

Ruben Espinoza

Ruben Espinoza was at work on his mural when we stopped at Clinica Sierra Vista’s health center in Bakersfield this morning. Clinica Sierra Vista got its start as a health care resource for migrant farmworkers in the southern San Joaquin Valley. The health center system now serves the ethnically and economically diverse residents of the Kern, Fresno and Inyo counties.

Ana Velasquez of Clinica Sierra Vista and Peter V. Lee
Ruben highlights the history of the area in each work of public art he creates. The culture and traditions of his Mexican heritage influence many of his works.

Ruben is also a Covered California member, and says the program was what allowed him to pursue his dream career. He now uses his art to inspire and educate others about health as a mentor to high school students who are interested in becoming professional artists. He is also on the committee of a local organization dedicated to advocating for funding for the arts in the school district.

“One of the reasons I went freelance and left the corporate world was that I could get health insurance,” said Ruben. “It’s one less thing I have to worry about now.”

Clinica Sierra Vista in Fresno

Raphael Delgado
At Clinica Sierra Vista’s Fresno location, there was another mural in the works outside the health center. Artist Raphael Delgado called the bringing together of art and health care for the “Covered in Art” project “a great fit.”

“While I’ve been working on the mural, I’ve met so many people in the community who are thrilled about the added color, the added beauty,” said Raphael. “Art adds to the quality of life.”

David Molano Insurance Services
We also spent time saying thanks today to Certified Insurance Agents, who are doing critically important work on the ground, and are a major part of the reason we have had such success getting Californians signed up. In Visalia, a town in the San Joaquin Valley, we stopped at David Molano Insurance Services. Later, making our way further up the state, we paid a visit to Sean Crisp and Associates. This insurance agency is a valuable partner in getting the residents of Modesto and the greater Stanislaus County insured.

The bus tour is taking a well-earned day off tomorrow. We’ll resume our voyage on Monday with a trip to Sacramento and San Francisco.

Monday’s stops:

  1. Health Sherpa (1120 H Street, Suite 103, Sacramento, CA 95814)
  2. La Familia Counseling Center (5523 34th St., Sacramento, CA 95820)
  3. HealthRIGHT360 (1563 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103)