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United Farm Workers Founder Dolores Huerta Partners With Covered California To Promote Latino Enrollment

Human Rights Activist Featured in Radio Ads and Video Urging Californians to Sign Up for Health Insurance Coverage


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Covered California™ announced today that Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers and a longtime civil rights leader, will appeal to Californians, especially Latinos, to get health care coverage before the end of open enrollment, March 31.

Huerta, a close ally of Cesar Chavez, is featured in radio spots and on videos available on YouTube, in English and Spanish, calling on Latinos to sign up for insurance. In the segments, Huerta reminds her audience that access to health care is a cornerstone of the decades-long struggle for Latino-American equality and that Latinos’ participation will drive the success of the new marketplace.

“If Cesar (Chavez) were here today, he would say to everyone who needs to get enrolled, especially our young people, ‘We have to be responsible citizens, and we have to understand, if we do not do our part, we can’t help our community,’” Huerta says in the video. “We’re talking about millions of Latinos that do not have health insurance. You are a very important part of this. Lots of sacrifices have been made, and all we have to do is just sign up.”

California will mark the gains of the United Farm Workers on Cesar Chavez Day, March 31, also the final day of open enrollment for Covered California plans. In honor of Chavez, Huerta will take an active role in a series of events throughout the remainder of March, called “Days of Action.”

“Dolores Huerta is respected nationwide for her human rights work but holds a special place of honor for Californians, and we believe targeted messages from her to the Latino community will encourage people to sign up,” said Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee. “She is particularly well-known among Latino women in our state, who are often the driving force in households for taking care of their families’ health.”

Lee and Huerta appeared together at a press conference in Los Angeles today to unveil the radio and video segments. Huerta will be a featured supporter of Covered California activities throughout March to promote enrollment.

Huerta has established a reputation of fighting for social and economic justice since she and Chavez formed the farm workers’ union in 1962. She is known for a fierce determination to better the lives of workers, immigrants and women. She has received many awards, including the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Huerta now operates the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which continues to work toward creating social change to improve people’s lives.

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