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Notice to Supplemental Dental and Vision Bidders

Re: Supplemental Benefits: Bidders Update

Covered California’s board is committed to offering consumers the option of purchasing supplemental vision and dental benefits. We are also committed to providing consumers the same level of ease and access to enroll in supplemental coverage that we offer for our affordable coverage options. However, we have determined that CalHEERS will not be able to offer supplemental vision and dental options with the first open enrollment in the fall of 2013.

Processing the enrollment of individuals in Qualified Health Plans offering essential health benefits is the system’s core functionality and Covered California’s first priority. This core functionality must be developed, tested, and implemented for fall enrollment, with coverage effective January 1, 2014, as mandated by law. Concurrently, the CalHEERS team will develop and test the enrollment process for purchasing supplemental coverage. The launch of that system will take place after the initial enrollment launch for essential health benefits. This staged implementation will allow for a more seamless implementation and successful end-user experience.

We are evaluating dates for offering the supplemental coverage options, and assessing pathways to link consumers who will have already enrolled in Covered California. This change in deployment may also impact the timing of our solicitations for supplemental vision and dental coverage.

Covered California indeed recognizes the potential benefits of offering consumers the option of purchasing vision and dental supplemental benefit plans. Over the coming weeks, we look forward to working with you and receiving your perspective.

We appreciate the work that your plan has invested in this process, and look forward to continuing our relationship. Please feel free to contact Michael Lujan at (916) 323-3615 with questions or concerns.